May, 19 is the date, when Military Historical Museum in Piestany will open its doors to the public audience at 10.00am. Additionally, they joined tradition called The  Long Night of Museums, which is actually a  social occasion where several grouped museums and cultural organizations cooperate to stay available late into the nighttime to introduce themselves to new possible customers.

The primary purpose of Military Historical Museum is creating and boosting the countrywide historical recognition and self-importance of the nationality, encouraging the honor of the armed forces customs of the Slovak region and the presentation of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces to the common community.

Museum is located at the areas of the former air force airport. The actual exposition demonstrates the armed forces tools of the Czechoslovak Army from 1945 till 1992. Over its large place, the Museum offers its guests the option to examine more than a 100 items of heavy and light equipment together with airplanes and helicopters. They’re exhibited outdoors  together with three original air force hangars.

Opening Hours: 10.00am, 1.00pm a 3.00pm
Opening Dates: June, September – every Saturday and Sunday
July, August – from Wednesday to Sunday
Entrance Fee:  1 €