For over 100 years, Spa Piešťany has been the leader in European spas for its treatment of rheumatism arthritis, restoration of locomotive apparatus disorders and nervous system afflictions. Experienced and specialist doctors and medical professionals design the treatments for each individual spa guest. Its international fame is also related to the healing geothermal water and restorative sulphuric mud, which are said to have extraordinary therapeutic results on joint and rheumatic disorders.

Long known as the biggest spa in Slovakia with its own natural therapeutic sources, Piestany owes its prestige to its remarkable natural thermal mineral water springs. The thermal waters come up from a depth of 2000 meters and replenish the springs with many curative chemical compounds and energy from deep within the earth. Thermal mineral water is the primary reason this spa is an unparalleled place for healing.

The extraordinary thermal water, which is used both for curative baths and for drinking water, has 1500 mg of mineral elements per liter and is at a constant temperature of 67 to 69°C. The most vital element for the treatment of locomotive apparatus disorders is the high quantity of sulphur which naturally exists in the water in the form of various chemical compounds such as sulphates, sulphites and sulphides. Piešťany Spa has 10 natural springs each contain hydrogen sulphide and a variety of other restorative compounds. The thermal water springs are trapped at a depth of 60 meters, which ensures its continual temperature and chemical makeup. It is acceptable both for bathing and as a drinking remedy.

The first owners of the spa were the Erdödy family, who built the area’s first spa house after the Napoleonic wars ended in 1822. The first structure still exists to this day and is known to guests and staff as “Napoleons Bath” or “the Old Spa.”

But it was the next family to take the spa’s reigns, the Winter’s, who built the spa up to its full success and world famous spa and guest amenities. The Winter family designed and constructed several hotels in the Art Nouveau style at the start of the 20th century and kept adding to the spa’s buildings, building various sites in the 1960s and again in the 1980s. As of today, Piestany Spa has over 2,400 accommodations for guests.

The beautiful Kúpeľný ostrov, or as its commonly called “the Spa Island,” provides charming scenery, beautiful fountains and unique statues for guests to gaze upon. The Spa’s island is a refuge of peace and tranquility where guests can relax and recover. Spa visitors can hang out in the one of the outdoor thermal swimming pools, relax in one of the spa’s many hotels, visit the renowned health care facilities and get some exercise at the various sports area amenities. For the athletic outdoor enthusiasts, several bicycling and jogging paths run through the region. Each of the internationally renowned spa hotels has its own unique rehabilitation center and The Social Centre, 9-hole golf course and gorgeous outdoor thermal swimming pool, tennis and beach volleyball courts offer recreational entertainment for guests. The serene park is perfect for walks and a variety of local cafés and restaurants serve up local and world dining specialties.

Located on the northern part of the island there is a spa Social Centre, which offers cultural and artistic shows and programs of different genres, theater festivals, and trips to the local historical architectural landmarks and monuments. A number of different spa facilities and natural health spas with licenses from the Ministry of Health of the Slovakian Republic are licensed to operate in this spa resort area, and all spa care centers and revolves around the treatment of differing health problems.

Spa Piešťany has a long-term reputation of proven healing procedures when combined with a full spa visit. Chronic pain disabilities like scoliosis, rheumatic arthritis, post-accident injuries and locomotive apparatus injuries are relieved significantly by the healing thermal water.

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  1. My wife and I spent a lovely time in the Esplanade Ensana Health Spa on the Spa Island. The treatments were very stress releasing. We can highly recommend this area for a wellness trip!

  2. The people at the Splendid Ensana Health Spa are very friendly. The food was great and the mud bath was amazing. Nice and cozy!

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