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This is your chance to relax, chill out and enjoy the city. Get back into balance with help of the medicinal geothermal water and medicinal sulphuric mud.


Enjoy listed cultural sights in classicistic, romantic, art noveau puristic, functionalist and or post-war styles.


Visit beautiful parks situated on both sides of the River Váh, which were maintained by several generation of gardeners.


Experience wellness programs with medical background in Piešťany Spa to regain your feeling of well being and new energy.


Piestany is located in western Slovakia, approximately 75 kilometers from the capital Bratislava. The town is divided by the river Vah and surrounded by the beautiful Povazsky Inovec mountains. The town is known for its history, social life and relaxation. There are many famous places in Piestany that are included on the list of national cultural monuments for their exceptional historical and social value.  The most popular sights are Napoleon Spa, Pro Patria, Thermia Palace and the Balneotheraphy Irma. Visitors also love the Colonnade and the Krajinsky Bridge. The town offers several museums such as the Balneological Museum of archeology and the military museum dedicated to Slovak military history. South of Krajinsky bridge is the dam Slnava which is frequently used for recreation, fishing or boat trips. Younger visitors may prefer musical events such as the Truck Country or Hip Hop Festival. Historically, foreigners came to Piestany for treatment of rheumatic and arthritic diseases. Natural mineral water and sulphic mud is still used to help heal patients. If relaxation is your aim, Spa Park is a quiet place with beautiful sculpture exhibitions. Take your time exploring Piestany and use our city guide to find the most interesting events, quality hotels and finest restaurants to organize your trip!

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